Best Back-to-School Apps

education, elementary school, learning, technology and people coOnce again, the back-to-school season is here, and kids and parents are getting ready for a new onslaught of schedules and homework. This year, try these mobile apps as new tools to help you through.

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1. The myHomework Student Planner keeps track of assignments and class schedules, and notifies students when due dates approach. You can find this dependable free app on Google Play and iTunes. Both the Android and iOS editions have earned ratings of at least four stars.

2. Most teachers frown on cellphones ringing in the classroom, and kids don’t always remember to turn off the ringer. Avoid the disruption with the free Silent Time tool for Android phones. You can set the application to automatically silence a ringer during normal class hours.

3. DuoLingo uses games to help kids learn many different languages. It teaches translation, speech and interpretation. People rate it an average of 4.5 stars. Both iTunes and Google Play offer this educational software for free. Get your iPhone screen fixed, and download it now.

4. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary app helps students find definitions, synonyms and more. They can even hear words pronounced correctly. This popular software remains available for free at the Apple and Google app stores. Separate browsing features make it easy to use on tablets as well as smartphones.

5. A fun iOS app known as LaLa Lunchbox helps kids select delicious and healthy brown bag lunches, then generates handy shopping lists for adults. This process prevents arguments and waste while encouraging children to try a wider variety of meals. The app costs $1.99 on iTunes.

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