Gifts For Keeping Their Phones Safe in 2016

Closeup on young woman writing in notebook list of christmas purchasings

Closeup on young woman writing in notebook list of christmas purchasings

‘Tis the season for running out of gift ideas! Mobile phone accessories are a fantastic gift, since almost everyone has a phone these days.

Below, we’ve focused on some gift ideas that will help their phone stay safe from liquid and drop damages, and plain old leave-behinds!

Can’t decide between these items? Just drop by a Fix it Fast location and chat with one of our friendly staff members to select the perfect gift. Most of these products are available at Fix It Fast locations in North Texas and Nebraska.

For the Phone Dropper: Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

These protectors are the next generation in screen protection—a step above the plastic protectors of the past. The glass protector doesn’t change your every day user experience much, since it’s another layer of glass to your touch. These protectors are scratch resistant, but it’s upon dropping that they really earn their worth – the glass almost completely absorbs impact, usually cracking so your screen doesn’t. Replacing a glass protector is far cheaper than replacing the screen!

For the Scatterbrain: Combo Wallet/Phone Case

Know someone who is always misplacing their phone and/or wallet? Help her combine the two for one hard-to-lose package. This combo is usually best for women, who can use the entire thing as a wristlet purse. A word of caution—this direction requires having a sense of your recipient’s fashion taste. If you know her favorite accessory brands, that’s a great place to start searching.

For the Mom Taxi: Car Mount

These are fantastic for folks who are always on the go, and using their phone’s GPS. Models range from vent clips, dash mounts, and even cup holder mounts. The best part? Most car mounts are universal for all of today’s phone models.

For the Nomadic Texter: Grip Helper

For people on the move who do a lot of texting while walking, and for moms that are always chasing kids and snapping phone pics, grip helpers are tops. These grip mechanisms range from plastic to metal to elastic, and come in a variety of price points and looks. Most of them anchor to the back of the phone or case with adhesive.

For the Swimmer: Waterproof Case

These are great for those who swim a lot – or whose phones do! We see liquid damage all the time at our cell phone repair locations, so it seems almost every phone could fall in this category. While these can be bulky and pricy, these cases are the best protection against liquid—which is one of deadliest threats to phones today. If you want to splurge, upgrade to a case meant for taking photos and videos underwater. Their selfies will never be the same!

For the Serial Thing-Loser: GPS Tracker

These trackers are wonderful for those on your list who are prone to leaving their phone places…or those with toddlers fond of hiding things! Some trackers use Bluetooth, others use GPS. The options go on—colors, shapes, longevity, press-to-ring alarms, and more. Many of these are sold in combo packs, so you can give the gift of tracking all their various losable items.

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