Repair Before You Replace Your Mobile Phone

Tablet PC is broken on the table

Many of us rely on our mobile phones on a daily basis. Whether it be for work, entertainment, shopping or traveling, our phones are here to make life easier…until they break. Read up on these three common dilemmas and learn how to address them before breaking the bank for a new phone:


Your iphone screen is cracked.

There it is: the perfect sunset photograph that your Instagram followers have been waiting for you to post…but as you grab your mobile phone from your back pocket, you lose your grip and your phone lands face down on the pavement. Ouch. If you’re lucky and still have your mobile iphone under warranty or an insurance plan, you will typically receive a new phone. However, in the process of outfitting your replacement, you stand to lose precious contacts, photos, music and more. iPhone 5s screen replacement or iPhone 6 screen repair services, in particular, present an easier alternative, as they allow you to prevent your most valuable data from getting lost in translation.


  • Tip: If you are known to drop your phone or just want to take precaution, investing in a lifeproof phone case or protective screen covering can help save you money in the long run!



Your battery life is draining rapidly.

There are a hundred different reasons why your mobile phone’s battery may be dying quickly. For both Androids and iPhones, apps can be the culprit for sending your battery life to the grave. So, even if you refuse to delete Candy Crush, make sure to delete any unused or unnecessary apps you can live without. However, if the writing is on the wall and your phone battery life is consistently suffering, consider buying a new one. It’ll save you the time and headache of a pesky data transfer, as well as the added expense of buying a replacement.


  • Tip: Worried about your phone’s battery life? Stay up-to-date on software or application updates, since they frequently include bug fixes intended to improve performance and increase battery efficiency.



You dropped your phone in water.

If drop your mobile phone in water, the first thing that may come to mind is the age-old rice trick. Even though this hack is sometimes successful, your safest bet is to take it into a cell phone repair store so they can take your phone apart and make sure that the phone is completely dry while also removing any debris that may cause internal damage.


  • Tip: After removing the battery or powering off, NEVER try to power your phone back on while still wet. Introducing electricity to a wet phone can result in permanent internal damage.


Fix It Fast’s experienced team of cell phone repair technicians have seen it all when it comes to mobile device repair solutions. Looking to repair before you replace? Click here to find the Fix It Fast location nearest you.

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