Replacing Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Try These Models!

Samsung Cell Phone

After months of mounting buzz surrounding the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery, the ashes seem to have settled. This week, Samsung announced a ban on the model – suspending sales and production worldwide. So, what does that mean for current owners with either an original or replaced device? According to an official statement, representatives advise all current owners of the Note 7 to “power down and stop using the device.”

Luckily, Fix It Fast’s team of skilled mobile device repair technicians have identified a few alternatives that perform similarly to the Note 7 (without the flames, of course!)

Check out some of our recommendations:

  • Consider the iPhone 6s/iPhone 6Woman Holding Iphone 6S Rose Gold In Cafes Plus line versus the original iPhone 6 model, as it has more power and processing, as well as more dynamic functions. More importantly, these models still have the beloved headphone jack – a component that has since disappeared with the newly launched iPhone 7. These models have roughly the same screen size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and are cheaper to repair, if needed. Additionally, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have great resale value – something to consider whenever you’re ready to trade up for Samsung’s next product.
  • Perhaps you’re giving thought to a prior Samsung Galaxy model. Here at Fix It Fast, we recommend the S5 and S6 lines or the Galaxy Note 3, 4, or 5 as opposed to the S7 and N7 models. They’re solid phones with modern tech and processing power. Plus, extended time on the market has shown that they’re relatively bug-free. Those looking to continue with a big screen and the stylus function should stick with older Note devices. Our mobile device repair experts have found that the Edge series tends to yield more damages and experience more glitches, which is a major downside considering that most people don’t notice a key difference between these and their non-Edge devices anyway.
  • You could also use this opportunity to check out Motorola’s Moto Z. Complete with a sleek all-metal design and customizable modules, this smartphone has rivaled the Galaxy Note 7 since its launch in Summer 2016.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phasing out, consumers across the globe are looking for a comparable replacement device. Looking for some additional input? Our mobile tech gurus at Fix It Fast have all the details you need to score a replacement phone that does your Galaxy Note 7 justice. Stop by your nearest Fix It Fast location and let’s talk specs!

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