Behind the Blast: Why Does the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Explode?

If you’ve been tuned into the latest tech news, you’re probably aware of a major manufacturing defect affecting the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Device owners worldwide have been reporting instances of exploding phones and identifying defective batteries as the cause. But, how can a battery send an entire device up in flames? And, what does this technical oversight mean for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note7?

The source of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion links back to a lithium-ion battery – the same battery that powered the exploding hoverboards of 2015. Known for its efficiency, these batteries contain highly flammable liquid and operate off of high energy. A thin insulating barrier rests between the battery’s many layers and separates the positive and negative sides. Should this barrier weaken or tear, the battery will short-circuit and create a spark.

Many mobile tech researchers also point to overheating as a potential culprit. An issue with the device’s “battery management system” – the system that halts the electrical current once a battery is fully charged – may malfunction and result in overcharging, as well as a surge in temperature. With no way for the excess heat or energy to escape, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery explodes.

In typical cases of overheating, mobile device repair specialists recommend keeping an eye on external temperatures. Should your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note7, or other smartphone device get too warm, it could cause its inner workings to malfunction or break down – making your device susceptible to internal damage. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, however, the best way to avoid a catastrophe like this is to return your device to the manufacturer.

Recently, Samsung launched a safety recall and exchange program. If you happened to buy a Galaxy Note7 device before September 15, 2016, you’re eligible to receive a replacement device or obtain a refund. Want to know if your Note7 is eligible for this program? Enter your device’s IMEI or Serial number here to check.

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