Q. What happens if Fix it Fast loses or damages my device while in possession of it?
A. If your device is lost, stolen or damaged while Fix it Fast is in possession of device OR if a device is damaged beyond repair by a Fix it Fast technician while attempting to perform a requested repair, Fix it Fast will replace the device with a device of equal or better value.  The replaced device will be chosen by the customer at the time of replacement and billed to Fix it Fast.

Q. Refunds – How do I request a refund if I shipped you a device from out of town?
A. If you request a refund on a repair because you are unsatisfied, you must contact Fix it Fast at: admin@fixitfastomaha.com.* The email must provide:

  1. The original ticket number that was issued for the repair.
  2. A description of the reason you are not satisfied with the work performed.

*Please be advised that this request may take up to 24 hours to process.

Q. Warranty – What if I discover that I have the same problem with my device after it was fixed?
A. Fix it Fast offers a Lifetime Warranty on all parts and labor associated with a repair. If you experience the same issue with a device after it has been repaired by FIF, we will provide free repair service in an attempt to resolve the issue.

You will be required to obtain a return material authorization number from FIF prior to shipping device back to FIF. You may contact Fix it Fast at: admin@fixitfastomaha.com.* Your email must provide:

  1. The original ticket number that was issued for the repair.
  2. A description of the reoccurring issue
  3. A description of when you noticed the issue again.

Additionally, any device returned to FIF without an assigned return material authorization number for warranty repair WILL NOT be accepted and will be returned to the customer.
*Please be advised that this request may take up to 24 hours to process.

Q. Privacy – What is your privacy policy with regards to the information stored on my device?
A. Fix it Fast and its employees will not purposefully open any applications or files on your device unless it is required to test the repairs that have been performed on the device. Fix it Fast does not download or share any customers’ information that is stored on a device. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to remove or store any content on the phone that may be lost or viewed in the process of a technician performing requested service.

Q. Can a device with liquid damage be repaired?
A. Yes and No. The success rate of liquid damage repairs is about a 50%. There are many different variables with liquid damage devices, the sooner we examine the device the better.

Q. Can a damaged charging port be repaired?
A. Charging ports are normally repairable. If the charge port itself (meaning that only the part is damaged, not the board) then yes, it’s repairable. If the charging port is ripped off the board, the chances of it being repairable are reduced to about 50%. The device must be examined by a technician in order to determine if it is repairable.

Q. Why does the touch screen/digitizer have to be replaced when only the glass is broken?
A. The touch screen/digitizer is built into the glass which controls your touch. The digitizer works with the glass to determine your touch.  If the glass breaks, you have to replace the digitizer regardless of whether your touch screen is still working or not. These are two components joined together in the manufacturing of the part.

Q. Why doesn’t my touch screen work when my glass and phone seem intact?
A. A faulty touch screen is a common issue among older phones.  Many issues contribute to this damage, including: the phone being dropped, buildup of moisture causing eventual liquid damage, and being exposed to heat.  The touch screen commonly receives a lot of wear and tear, but it is replaceable.

Q. Will a repair void my warranty?
A. In most cases the damage that needs to be repaired or fixed has already voided a manufacturer’s warranty.  If the damage was caused by the customer, such as broken glass, liquid damage, or a broken charging port, these damages void a manufacturer’s warranty.  Any damages caused by the customer void the warranty.

On the other hand, if the damage is caused by a malfunction of software or the original battery and charger then YES – Fix it Fast’s attempt to repair the device will void a manufacturer’s warranty.  If you or our technician feel that the device is broken because of internal malfunction that you did not cause, we recommend that you return to the dealer that sold them the device and research the possibility of a manufacturer’s replacement or repair. Fix it Fast will not attempt to repair a device that appears to be damaged under a warranty until the customer first advises us that they have already attempted to repair the device under warranty and the repair was refused by the manufacturer or carrier.

Q. What is a diagnostic repair?
A. If you are having trouble determining what is wrong with your device, simply choose the diagnostic repair service, and once a technician has been able to look over the device they will contact you to discuss any repair options and get your approval to perform repair. All fees associated with diagnostic repair services will go toward the total cost of repair if you approve it. Diagnostic services are FREE.

Q. What if Fix it Fast needs to order a part?
A. When it is necessary to order parts, we may require a deposit. The deposit goes toward the total cost of the repair once the part is received. Our turn-around time for ordered parts is 2 to 3 business days.  Please be aware that the deposit for ordered parts is non-refundable.