Become a GoPro Guru

Remote control action cameraGoPro cameras make it possible to capture high-quality video that you can replay on mobile devices and share online. However, your recordings will only look great if you learn the right techniques.

Here are 5 tips from Fix It Fast you can use to create top-notch action videos and become GoPro guru!

1. Consider installing a filter on the lens. Ultraviolet filters often improve the appearance of skiing and snowboarding videos. When you record under bright sunlight, attach a neutral-density unit. You may use any filter with the right diameter for your GoPro lens.

2. Keeping the camera steady might prove challenging at times. If this happens, you can fix it fast by using a traditional tripod. You’ll need to purchase an add-on tripod socket. Alternatively, you can press the camera on your face while using a hand grip.

3. Experiment with different mounting locations and see what kind of footage they yield. You can place a camera on various parts of your body, kayak or bicycle. Choppiness? Fix it fast by attaching the GoPro to your helmet rather than a bike.

4. Set the camera to an optimal frame rate. If your video will contain relatively slow action or dim lighting, choose 30 or 24 frames per second. This approximates the recording speed of a motion picture. Select 60 fps when you record faster action or encounter bright sunlight.

5. Most TV shows and movies keep viewers entertained by repeatedly switching to different angles. Think about holding or mounting the GoPro in multiple places during a single video. You can also alternate between footage from your own camera and a friend’s GoPro.

If you need repairs on your GoPro or any mobile device, check out our Services page.  Find a Fix It Fast location near you, or contact us.

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