Samsung Galaxy S7 Pink Line Defect

It’s not often that wireless manufacturers have to issue a statement or recall of one of their devices, but just months after the Exploding Samsung Note 7 Debacle of 2016, Samsung devices are under scrutiny again. This time, consumers are reporting what is referred to as a pink line display problem, pictured here:

samsung galaxy s7 pink line defect

While device owners once thought the pink line display issue was a software defect, Samsung claims it occurs because of damage to the device. According to a Tech Times article detailing the Galaxy s7 display issue, Samsung reported that the pink line appears randomly as a result of being dropped, regardless of whether the screen breaks or not. “Samsung has shared that the reason behind the appearance of the vertical purple stripe is because of damage to the device’s internal circuits, which are responsible for controlling the screen’s direction,” says reporter Anu Passary. However, many Galaxy S7 users insist they haven’t dropped or damaged their devices; the pink line showed up randomly during regular usage.

Until the real cause is determined, Fix It Fast wants customers to understand that this is a manufacturer defect. If you experience this issue, and your device has NO PHYSICAL DAMAGE, we recommend that you take your device back to where you originally purchased the it for a manufacturer warranty/exchange. On the other hand, if you’ve dropped or damaged your screen, our expert technicians can replace the screen and offer warranty for the new replacement screen. Please note that even with a new replacement screen, there is a possibility that the pink line can return if the cause is software related. If you do experience the pink line display issue again, remember, this IS NOT an issue with our repair or with the technician. The good news is, we can replace the screen through our warranty program if there is no damage to the digitizer and keep you going until Samsung offers a resolution.

Still not sure what to do about the pink line on your Samsung Galaxy s7 screen? Fix It Fast techs have all the details and can help you with next steps. Visit the nearest Fix It Fast location for your personal consultation.

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Introducing the PS4 Pro!

Sony PlayStation 4 game console of the eighth generation.
For the most dedicated gamers, the release of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro this month may have been bigger than Thanksgiving. Boasting better, smoother graphics than the PS4, the console launched nationwide on November 10, 2016 for $399.

The biggest fans of the PS4 Pro may be owners of a 4K/HDR TV, which is known for its out-of-sight screen resolution. For many, the PS4 Pro’s mere power symbolizes the beginning of an era – one in which the crisp, intricate visual quality of computer games has begun to trickle over to gaming consoles.

For those looking to give this new gadget a try, PlayStation 4 games are compatible – provided that they’ve been “patched” and upgraded for the PS4 Pro. Sony has begun rolling out these patched games for use, so keep an eye out for your chance to check out the new console’s highly anticipated capabilities.

If you’re waiting until Sony irons out the wrinkles for this new console, you may also be interested in keeping your PlayStation 4 in top shape.

Did you know that Fix It Fast offers quality gaming console repair services at an affordable rate? You can stop into your nearest Fix It Fast store location for some of the most common PS4 game repair services, including:

  • PS4 blinking blue light
  • PS4 controller (Dualshock 4) problems
  • PS4 powering down
  • PS4 freezing
  • And more!

If you’ve been on the lookout for stores that fix game consoles, you’re in the right place! Whether you’ve already identified what the problem is or you can’t quite diagnose the issue, Fix It Fast can help.

Visit a Fix It Fast location near you or contact us to learn about our game repair services. If you’d like to pick our brains about the pros and cons of the new PS4 Pro, we’re up for that, too!

Replacing Your Samsung Galaxy Note 7? Try These Models!

Samsung Cell Phone

After months of mounting buzz surrounding the exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery, the ashes seem to have settled. This week, Samsung announced a ban on the model – suspending sales and production worldwide. So, what does that mean for current owners with either an original or replaced device? According to an official statement, representatives advise all current owners of the Note 7 to “power down and stop using the device.”

Luckily, Fix It Fast’s team of skilled mobile device repair technicians have identified a few alternatives that perform similarly to the Note 7 (without the flames, of course!)

Check out some of our recommendations:

  • Consider the iPhone 6s/iPhone 6Woman Holding Iphone 6S Rose Gold In Cafes Plus line versus the original iPhone 6 model, as it has more power and processing, as well as more dynamic functions. More importantly, these models still have the beloved headphone jack – a component that has since disappeared with the newly launched iPhone 7. These models have roughly the same screen size as the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and are cheaper to repair, if needed. Additionally, the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have great resale value – something to consider whenever you’re ready to trade up for Samsung’s next product.
  • Perhaps you’re giving thought to a prior Samsung Galaxy model. Here at Fix It Fast, we recommend the S5 and S6 lines or the Galaxy Note 3, 4, or 5 as opposed to the S7 and N7 models. They’re solid phones with modern tech and processing power. Plus, extended time on the market has shown that they’re relatively bug-free. Those looking to continue with a big screen and the stylus function should stick with older Note devices. Our mobile device repair experts have found that the Edge series tends to yield more damages and experience more glitches, which is a major downside considering that most people don’t notice a key difference between these and their non-Edge devices anyway.
  • You could also use this opportunity to check out Motorola’s Moto Z. Complete with a sleek all-metal design and customizable modules, this smartphone has rivaled the Galaxy Note 7 since its launch in Summer 2016.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phasing out, consumers across the globe are looking for a comparable replacement device. Looking for some additional input? Our mobile tech gurus at Fix It Fast have all the details you need to score a replacement phone that does your Galaxy Note 7 justice. Stop by your nearest Fix It Fast location and let’s talk specs!

Behind the Blast: Why Does the Samsung Galaxy Note7 Battery Explode?

If you’ve been tuned into the latest tech news, you’re probably aware of a major manufacturing defect affecting the Samsung Galaxy Note7. Device owners worldwide have been reporting instances of exploding phones and identifying defective batteries as the cause. But, how can a battery send an entire device up in flames? And, what does this technical oversight mean for owners of the Samsung Galaxy Note7?

The source of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 explosion links back to a lithium-ion battery – the same battery that powered the exploding hoverboards of 2015. Known for its efficiency, these batteries contain highly flammable liquid and operate off of high energy. A thin insulating barrier rests between the battery’s many layers and separates the positive and negative sides. Should this barrier weaken or tear, the battery will short-circuit and create a spark.

Many mobile tech researchers also point to overheating as a potential culprit. An issue with the device’s “battery management system” – the system that halts the electrical current once a battery is fully charged – may malfunction and result in overcharging, as well as a surge in temperature. With no way for the excess heat or energy to escape, the Samsung Galaxy Note7 battery explodes.

In typical cases of overheating, mobile device repair specialists recommend keeping an eye on external temperatures. Should your iPhone, Samsung Galaxy Note7, or other smartphone device get too warm, it could cause its inner workings to malfunction or break down – making your device susceptible to internal damage. In the case of the Samsung Galaxy Note7, however, the best way to avoid a catastrophe like this is to return your device to the manufacturer.

Recently, Samsung launched a safety recall and exchange program. If you happened to buy a Galaxy Note7 device before September 15, 2016, you’re eligible to receive a replacement device or obtain a refund. Want to know if your Note7 is eligible for this program? Enter your device’s IMEI or Serial number here to check.

Need to know more?

Fix It Fast’s team of mobile device repair technicians is trained and ready to keep you in the know about the latest tech developments! Feel free to stop by your nearest Fix It Fast location to pick our brains about your wireless device.

The 411 on Touch Disease

If there’s one thing that can ruin your day, it’s a damaged smartphone. In what seems like an instant, your ability to talk with loved ones, keep up with social updates and even organize your to-do list is compromised. According to recent news and tech gurus, hundreds of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus owners are feeling the funk due to a widespread technical defect known as “Touch Disease.”

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Repair Before You Replace Your Mobile Phone

Tablet PC is broken on the table

Many of us rely on our mobile phones on a daily basis. Whether it be for work, entertainment, shopping or traveling, our phones are here to make life easier…until they break. Read up on these three common dilemmas and learn how to address them before breaking the bank for a new phone:

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Best Back-to-School Apps

education, elementary school, learning, technology and people coOnce again, the back-to-school season is here, and kids and parents are getting ready for a new onslaught of schedules and homework. This year, try these mobile apps as new tools to help you through.

Of course, if you need to get your iPhone screen fixed, get that done first at a local Fix it Fast location.
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Become a GoPro Guru

Remote control action cameraGoPro cameras make it possible to capture high-quality video that you can replay on mobile devices and share online. However, your recordings will only look great if you learn the right techniques.

Here are 5 tips from Fix It Fast you can use to create top-notch action videos and become GoPro guru!

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Summer’s Here! Avoid These 3 Common Phone Accidents

With June in full swing, it’s safe to say that summer is upon us and the fun can begin! Whether you’re mountain biking or scuba diving, vacationing or beach bumming, you’ll want to take your phone to capture the moment. However, with all the excitement of the season, we tend to see customers in need of device repair now more than ever.

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3 Battery Charging Myths


You’ve probably been told all kinds of things about your laptop and cell phone batteries – for some reason, there’s tons of confusion about the right way to get the most out of your battery life. We’re here to set some of the myths straight and give you a better idea of how you can make those batteries last as long as possible.

Myth 1: You should always discharge your battery completely before recharging it. A big myth going around was that if you didn’t let your battery discharge fully before charging, the battery’s memory wouldn’t know how much room it had, and you’d lose battery life (or at least the battery would lose the ability to tell you how much life it had left).

The truth: Discharging to about 50% and recharging is actually best for your phone. What you’re looking for is the best ratio of cycles to usage time, and 50% charged is the optimal point to plug back in. BUT, about once per month you should fully discharge your phone – there is some truth to the idea that the battery will “forget” how much capacity it has if you don’t ever fully discharge it.

Myth 2: You should charge your device while you sleep. That way, it has the chance to fully charge all night, and you’ll be ready to go the next morning.

The truth: Once your device hits 100% (which, ideally, wouldn’t happen regularly at all), you should really stop charging it. It’s harmful to your battery’s health to keep it charging once it’s full. It used to be much worse for a battery, but it’s still not the best idea. If you absolutely must charge it overnight, you can purchase a device to cease charging once the battery is full.

Myth 3: You shouldn’t charge your device with a third-party charger. Only use the manufacturer’s charger on any device.

The truth: Well, this one’s a little bit true – you should only use reputable third-party chargers. If you use poor-quality knockoffs that aren’t licensed, they can damage your battery or even cause a fire. But any high-quality third-party charger will be just fine.

If you have any questions on battery life or any other device issue, reach out to us at Fix It Fast. We’re happy to help.