Best Budgeting Apps


Every year, we tell ourselves we’re going to stick to a budget, and every year so far, we’ve failed. But this year will be different, because we’re ensuring accountability via the best of the best budgeting apps. We’ve done our research, and these three look like the apps to beat:


Pros: Colorful, simple, and intuitive. This might be the simplest app to grasp and use immediately.

Cons: Manual transaction entry. Each purchase you make needs to be manually added to your budget here, rather than logging automatically.


Pros: Automatic entries. All of your accounts link to Mint, and each purchase is automatically logged and categorized. It’s one less thing to worry about – you can’t forget to add a purchase to your budget.

Cons: Charges are occasionally miscategorized (it’s going to happen with a computer categorizing your purchases for you), and accounts sometimes have trouble updating.

You Need a Budget:

Pros: Exhaustive, great for planning, and great for teaching budgeting newbies.

Cons: May have a lot of excess features if you aren’t new to budgeting. Manual transaction entry might be helpful if you struggle with sticking to a budget, or it might prevent you from using it.

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