How to Enjoy Your Holiday: LET IT GO

Disney’s Frozen taught us a lot of great life lessons. We could go on and on about patience, friendship and true love. But the best lesson to apply to your precious holiday time with the family is simple: Let it go. It, being your iPhone or your Samsung Galaxy or your Nexus Tablet. Bottom line: give up technology and live in the moment this holiday. We have some simple Do’s and Don’ts to get you started connecting in REAL TIME.

DON’T Facetime; DO visit with relatives

Shot of a happy multi-generational family having breakfast together in the kitchen

DON’T play CandyCrush; DO play board games

Happy multi-generation family lying on the floor at home and enjoying while playing a game together. [url=][img][/img][/url]

DON’T stream music; DO sing carols


DON’T take tons of photos; DO make lasting memories

Happy family running in the park and having fun. Parents are chasing their little daughters.

DON’T watch YouTube videos; DO play charades

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